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Corrections for Intermediate Statistics and Econometrics: A Comparative Approach (MIT Press, 1995) by Dale J. Poirier Updated: May 31, 2010 Previous Major Update: October 24, 2007 The following errors in my textbook have come to my attention. Please bring any other errors to my attention. Your help is most appreciated. I am indebted to Henri Ai, Arseni Andreivevich, Constantine Angyridis, Arni Richard Arnason, Gail Blattenberger, Hai Che, Josef Fersterer, Douglas Ford, David Giles, Stephen Gordon, Vladislav Gorlov, Shingo Goto, Xinhua Gu, Seungjin Han, David Hewitt, Hao Jia, Jinwon Kim, John Kling, Gary Koop, Jens Krueger, Robert Kunst, Frank MacCrory, Bill McCausland, Kevin Milligan, Rouslan Moukhine, Beat Naef, Noriko Ozawa, Bob Parks, Marie Rekkas, Dafne Reymen, Paul Ruud, Samita Sareen, Alexander Tsai, Jeremy Verlinda, He Wei, Yiguo Sun, and Steven Wei for pointing out many of the following mistakes. New corrections since the previous major update are noted in bold. Page 5: Table 1.1, Flight 6 on 4/4/83: the number of O-rings exhibiting some distress should be 0, not 2. Page 10: Line 4 from the bottom: replace “Clearly,” with “Clearly, the power set of ”. Page 11: Line 18: replace “another subset” with “another set of subsets”. Page 14: Definition 2.1.8, second line: replace “one the” with “one of the”. Page 15: Theorem 2.1.4, line 2: replace “A i with “A n ”. Page 15: Theorem 2.1.4, (2.1.8): replace “... A N-1 with “... 1 A N-1 ”. Page 21: line 6: replace “Lindley 1982b” with “Lindley (1982b”. Page 21: line 7: replace “Savage (1971)” with “Savage (1971))”. Page 25: Exercise 2.1.12: replace “Example 2.1.1” with “Example 2.1.2”; replace “Mr. Harcourt” with “Don Sutton’s agent”. Page 29: Third line from the bottom: replace “Y -1 : ú 6 with “Y -1 : ú Y 6 ”. Page 30: Line 5 from the bottom: replace “Y -1 ((- 4 , y)]” with “Y -1 ((- 4 , y])”. Page 31: Line 5: replace “if y $ 2” with “if x $ 1”. Page 33: Theorem 2.2.2(c): replace “f(y i )” with “f(y j )”; replace “y i # y” with “y j # y”.
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2 Page 36: Definition 2.3.1, line 2: replace “equal to the real line” with “in the real line”. Page 36: Line below (2.3.2): replace with * g(y)f(y)” with * g(y) * f(y)”. Page 37: Three lines below Theorem 2.3.1: replace “2.2.2:” with “2.2.1”. Page 37: Five lines below Theorem 2.3.1: replace “2.2.3” with “2.2.2”. Page 39: Two lines from the bottom: replace “vdv” with “dv”. Page 40: Line 1: replace “exp(t - )]” with “exp[y(t - )]”. Page 41: Exercise 2.3.5(c): replace “½(y - 1)” with “½(1 - y)”. Page 41: Exercise 2.3.7(a): replace “exp(t)” with “t”. Page 43: Exercise 2.3.13(b): (2.3.13) should be ”. Page 43: Exercise (2.3.14), (2.3.14): replace “f x with “f X ”. Page 44: Paragraph before Definition 2.4.2, first line: replace “2.2.5” with “2.2.4”. Page 45: (2.4.6), first summation index: replace “j J+1 with “y J+1 ”.
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BOOK55 - Corrections for Intermediate Statistics and...

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