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Unformatted text preview: Practice Test 1A 1. Both Group A and Group B have an average height of 66 inches. The standard deviation of group A is 0.25 inches and the standard deviation of Group B is six inches. What does this mean with regards to their heights? 2. Amy drives to school every day and times how long it takes her. The drive usually takes a long time, but it almost never takes a lot longer than her usual time. Sometimes however, she catches all the green lights and, thus, she sometimes is a lot quicker than average. Which is larger, her mean time or her median time? Please explain. 3. In a random survey of 6000 British homes, it was found that the average British male bathes 1.7 times a week in the winter whereas the average British woman bathes 1.5 times per week. Is it safe to say that British men bathe more than British women? Assume that the difference is not due to chance error. 4. “If you drive down the highway, you would have four times as good a chance of staying alive if the time were four in the morning rather than four in the afternoon. This is because four times more fatalities occur on the highways at 4 P.M. than at 4 A.M.” highways at 4 P....
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Practice+Test+1A-Revised - Practice Test 1A 1 Both Group A...

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