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Unformatted text preview: 1. That Group A is relatively all the same with regards to height, while group B is spread out. 2. Mean. Mean pulled to extreme scores. 3. No it is only a measure of what they report maybe men over exaggerate. 4. No. It doesn’t follow. Maybe there are more drivers at 4pm (and thus more accidents). Yes. The rate may be much lower. 5. No there could be an interviewing such as ambition. Ambition ­ college; money. 6. Yes small samples. Little knowledge insignificant. Large chance error. 7. Standard Dev= 4.472 8. a)observational study b)relationship 9. 0 10. Color of Board; 4 categories 11. number of trapped beetles; many or several 12. number of trapped beetles 13. Interval 14. Nominal 15. Discrete 16. 6.40 avg of sample with odd eggs; 5.82 avg of the sample with neutral eggs; 4.30 avg of sample with hot eggs. 17. The propensity to strike for all snakes from cold eggs is 6.40 18. Ratio if dealing with number of taps; ordinal if talking about actual propensity. ...
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