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Unformatted text preview: 1. 2. 3. 4. Median This will not be on the test. He didn’t go over this. Sorry once again. below below 5. In order to get rid of units 6. The mean, the first moment about the origin 7. 25 ­30—I don’t think youll be asked one of these. 8. With the square root of the second moment, it equals the first moment. 9. 1a. increase 1b. same 1c. same 1d same 2a. increase 2b. increase 2c same 2d. same 10. To calculate the moments about the mean. 11. When you want to minimize error or make the least error. 12. The beach balls get wider as the increase in production of beach balls increase from one year to the next. The width of the pictorials must be the same. Area matters! 13. Std deviation= 4.4721 14. Sum of squares= 450 15. BAC 16. Histograms show continuous data. They also show frequencies. Also, scale of measurement for histograms is interval data. The bar graphs scale of measurement is nominal data. The order of the bars does not matter. However, it does in histograms. 17. Around 100 (draw a line) 18. A little more than 100. (draw a line). ...
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