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Unformatted text preview: 1. Interval 2. You will not be tested on this. Sorry for putting it on here. 3. No. Large median does not imply large range. Median is simply the middle number of the set of numbers in the observation when put in numerical order from greatest to least. Nor does a large range imply that there is a large median. Outliers do not affect the median. Only the mean is affected; the median is robust. 4. (8 x .02) + (8 x .06)= .64 5. Extreme scores affect the third moment. The third moment is the skew which measures the distribution of the scores. The variance is not affected. 6. Will NOT be given something like this on test. Disregard this question. 7. Based on lecture, when median is the best guess, error is defined to minimize error. Thus, when using the median, you are minimizing or making the least error. 8. (1)^2 + (3)^2 + (3)^2 + (9)^2= 100; 100/4=25. Answer: 25 9. Descriptive merely means describes data (eg mean, standard deviation, etc) whereas inferential makes estimates about populations using samples. 10. There’s no question here. Whoops! 11. Ordinal 12. Ratio 13. Interval 14. Ratio 15. Interval 16. 17. Using numbers to explain. 4 numbers ­ 1,3,3,9. Use the formula to calculate. Avg= 4. (1 ­4) + (3 ­4) + (3 ­4) +(9 ­4)= 0; 0/4=0 Answer: 0. 18. Based on lecture, when mode is used, it is to maximize correctness. Error is thus defined as maximizing correctness when mode is the best guess. ...
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