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Unformatted text preview: Solutions Practice Test 2B 1 ­2. 3 ­4. 5. B3 ­ measures effect of an inch on HT (due to the fact one is an inch taller). B1 ­ is this effect plus the effect that because one is taller the probability of being a man is greater then you also weigh more for being a man. 6. False ­ Below avg with below avg is positive. (Draw the 4 quadrants and all the points should be in quadrant 4.) 7. Σ (Yi ­Y^) ^2 ­ The squared deviations from the Regression Line are smaller than any other squared deviation. 8. Zero ­ Positives cancel negative. 9. Correlation of Coefficient equals zero. 10. 11. A. prediction. B. hypothesis testing. C. description 12. slope ­ 2; a=74; (r= COV/Sx X Sy) 13. 94. 14. Cant conclude anything without knowing standard deviations of X and Y. 15. Amy. Amy= 100; Bob=80; Cal=0 16. Σ(Yi ­Y^2) The squared distance OR To the Regression Line. 17. It is static. It is comparing the weight of those who diet with the weight of those who don’t. Not the effect. 18. Because distance with ordinal data has no meaning thus arithmetic is meaningless. ...
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