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Unformatted text preview: Solutions Practice Test 2C 1. When using sample data to estimate population parameters. 2. It gets rid of units. Units make results hard to interpret. 3. Parabolic scatter diagram. 4. Amy: 4(3) – 13=  ­1; Bob: 4( ­3) + 13= +1. Bob one more pound than Amy. 5. How much more a male weighs than a female, given they are the same height. 6. Pearon’s R only predicts linear relationships. 7. Chi ­squared= 14.70. Cramer’s V= .4397 8. A 9. C=30; D=28 10. C ­D= 2 11. Gamma=C ­D/C+D= .0344 12. Somers D= .01587 13. Guessing the mean of X 14. Asymptotic scatter plot 15. Tells us how far Regression Line goes to the Sy/Sx line. 16. The intercept doesn’t tell us anything. No significance. 17. Refer to class or LARC notes. 18. It tells us that points close to the mean show a weak relationship and points further apart show a stronger relationship. ...
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