The age range is from 1317 what is the variable d a

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Unformatted text preview: classroom full of boys and girls, the teacher would like to know how many boys and how many girls fall into each age. The age range is from 13 ­17. What is the variable? d. A survey was asked to a random number of people to report their marital status. The first ten people surveyed gave the following responses: single, married, married, married, widowed, single, married, married, single, and divorced. What is Interval Data? What is Nominal Data? What is Ordinal Data? From the following list of examples, list which is interval, nominal, and ordinal. a. A restaurant is conducting a survey of its services and quality of food. Each customer is given a survey to fill out. The survey provides the following options that the customer can choose from. They are Poor, Ok, Good, Satisfactory, and Excellent. b. Listed here are the midterm marks of 10 students: 67, 74, 71, 83, 93, 55, 48, 82, 68, 62. c. The Professor of a class of 400 students wants to know how many freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors there are in his class....
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