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I. TOPICS AND QUESTIONS A. Family Background 1. Tell me how far back you know about your family background on both parent’s side. 2. Tell me about your father and mother’s background. 3. What was your father’s occupation? Mother? 4. How much education for both? 5. When did parents immigrate to U.S.? How did they enter? Did they have documents? Where did they go? What kind of work on this side of border? B. Personal Background 1. When and where were you born? 2. What are your early memories? 3. What do you remember about your family life? 4. What Mexican/Latino cultural traditions did you practice in your home? 5. What do you remember about your first years in school? 6. Did religion play an important role in your family life? How? 7. What kind of friends did you have and what did you do with them? 8. What kind of neighborhood did you live in? Did you move much? 9. What was junior high and high school like for you? Begin with junior high and then discuss high school. 10. What role did ethnicity play at school?
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