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Fall10_C101_Syllabus for posting2(1) - Chemistry 101 Fall...

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Chemistry 101 Fall 2010 Instructors Dr. Eric Weitz (10:00 and 11:00 lectures) Tech K122 (491-5583) weitz@northwestern.edu Office Hours: Mon. and Wed. 4:00-5:30 Dr. Joseph T. Hupp (9:00 lecture) Ryan Hall 1011 (491-3504) j-hupp@northwestern.edu Office hours: Mon. 4:00 -5:30 pm, Tues. 4:00 - 5:30 pm or by appointment. Dr. Shelby L. Hatch (lab director) Tech L214 (491-3430) slhatch@northwestern.edu Office Hours: Wed. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and by appointment. Mr. Eberhard Zwergel (lecture demonstrations) Tech MG63 (467-6450) e-zwergel@northwestern.edu Olga Karagiaridi ( Super TA 9 am section) Tech HG12 olgakaragiaridi2015@u.northwestern.edu   Office Hours: to be determined Lindsey Madison  (Super TA 10 am section) Tech HG12 lindseymadison2015@u.northwestern.edu   Office Hours: Tues. 12-1, Wed. 3-4 Sylvia Lou (Super TA 11 am section) Tech HG12 SylviaLou2014@u.northwestern.edu Office Hours: to be determined Stan Mazo (Program Assistant) Tech HG14 (467-7359) chemhelp@northwestern.edu Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:15 am – noon
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Required Texts and Supplies Available at Norris Center Bookstore: 1 . General Chemistry,10 th Edition, ( by Petrucci, Herring, Madura and Bissonnette) with the Mastering Chemistry student access codes. 2. 2010 General Chemistry Laboratory Manual . (Will be sold by UCC in Tech. Lobby) 3. Scientific calculator with log capability. NOTE: To be fair to all students, we cannot supply extra calculators or power sources, or permit students to share calculators during exams. Cell phones or any other device with communications capabilities cannot be used as a calculator. 4. Spiral notebook for homework assignments. 5. Clickers” are required for all class meetings, including lab lectures. Available through PLU (graduate student chemistry group): 6. Laboratory notebook – must have consecutively numbered duplicate pages and carbonless paper. 7. Laboratory safety goggles. 8. Lab Coats (strongly recommended) PLU will be selling Notebooks ($22.00),Goggles ($8.00) and Lab Coats (20.00) as follows: Tuesday, September 21 st through Friday, September 24 th from 8:30am-1:30pm in the Tech Lobby (Only cash or checks will be accepted as payment for these items. ) Available online at the course Blackboard site (https://courses.northwestern.edu): 8. Practice exams, exam results, grades, etc. 9. Lecture notes, special readings, class presentations (Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) Available online at the Mastering Chemistry site (www.masteringchemistry.com): 10. Weekly homework assignments Other: 11. Microsoft Excel – You should either purchase a copy of Excel (reduced prices are available through NUIT) or have access to it. Computer labs on campus (such as the one in room MG51 on the ground floor of Tech) generally have Excel available for student use. Microsoft Office and other software packages with academic pricing are available from the stores listed here: http://aquavite.northwestern.edu/virtualstore/index.cgi/personal/academic-software.html 2
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Fall10_C101_Syllabus for posting2(1) - Chemistry 101 Fall...

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