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Project STAR AmeriCorps Eleven Proven Ways to Improve Data Collection 1. Get early buy-in from stakeholders. Get buy-in from partner agencies (and other important stakeholder) during worksheet and performance measurement plan development. Check to ensure that what you want is something that they either already collect or are willing to collect and share with your project. 2. Start with success. Begin your data collection efforts with those sites that can and will provide you the data you need in a timely manner. 3. Identify your helpers (data collectors). Consider using your members to help collect data for you. With a little training on how to use the instruments, members can often be a great source of information. They are there and see it all! 4. Train your helpers (data collectors). This does not need to be complicated but should happen. Do data collectors know what to say? Where to turn in the information? How to respond to questions? How to protect confidentiality? Check out Performance Measurement: Six Steps, Data Collection on the website ( www.nationalserviceresources.org:
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11_Ways_to_Improve_Data_Collection_AC - Project STAR...

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