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Ryan Corde MU-104 Chopin Research Assignment September 27 th , 2010 The Life and Musical Career of Friedrich Chopin Friedrich Chopin was a 19 th century composer and pianist, and is considered today to be one of the most influential musicians of the romantic era . He was born in the year 1810 in a small town in Poland . At a very young age Chopin showed off his is artistic talent by writing poetry and was able to teach himself how to play the piano . At the extremely young age of seven Chopin had his first musical piece published . This is an astonishing accomplishment to say the least . When Chopin turned eight, he played his first piece of music publically, playing a Concerto by Adalbert Gyrowetz . At this early age, Chopin was already drawing attention to himself, and people were comparing him to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . (Schneider 1) When Chopin was sixteen years of age, he attended the Warsaw Conservatory of Music . The composer and director of this school was Joeseph Elsner . Elsner taught his student the classical way of playing music . One thing that Elsner encouraged however, was for his students to be creative . During this time period being creative when writing music was still not totally accepted among the people of Europe . . After showing the director of Warsaw his skills he was
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sent to Vienna, the music capital of Eastern Europe . It was there that Chopin began to have his work published . (8notes 1) While Chopin was in Vienna a war between Poland and Russia was beginning to break
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Chopin Essay - Ryan Corde MU-104 Chopin Research Assignment...

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