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Unformatted text preview: r shapes while the triangle mesh patterns are as generated by the meshing algorithm in the solid modeler. 2. Results for SHELL43 in triangular form are presented, though they are not recommended for use. SHELL43 is based on a hybrid formulation for a quadrilateral element shape. Hence, degeneration of the element to a triangular shape will show some slight node-ordering dependence on the element solution. 3. The target solution is obtained in the prescribed reference for the author's 8-node shell element. 4. Results for the linear SHELL43 and SHELL63 singly-curved quadrilateral elements are comparable, with SHELL63 showing better accuracy in displacement for a given mesh discretization. As expected, the quadratic SHELL93 performs better than the linear elements for comparable meshes. 5. Results for the linear triangular-shaped elements is poor due to the constant-strain membrane behavior within the element. The effect of constant-strain membrane behavior is to overly stiffen the element under thi...
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