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Unformatted text preview: behavior of the beam at load w1 when yielding just begins at the ends, at load w2, when the midpoint begins to yield, and at load w3, when pronounced plastic yielding has occurred. The beam's cross-section is shown in Figure 134.1: “Clamped I-Beam Problem Sketch”. Figure 134.1 Clamped I-Beam Problem Sketch Material Properties E = 29 x 106 psi ET = 5.8 x 106 psi σy = 38,000 psi Geometric Properties = 144 in b = 10 in h = 10.6 in tf = 0.9415 in tw = 0.0001 in Loading w1 = 2190 lb/in w2 = 3771 lb/in w3 = 9039 lb/in ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–300 VM134 Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The beam cross-section is modeled as an idealized section to compare with the assumptions of the analytical solution. The loading is assumed to be applied through the centroid of the element cross-section (the neutral axis). Only half the beam is modeled, taking advantage of symmetry. Classical bilinear kinematic hardening behavior is used. Results Comparison Target Midspan Deflection , in -0.160 -0.160 1.00 -3.784 x 106 -3.784 x 106 1.00 Mid Moment M, in-lb -1.892 x 106 -1.892 x 106 1.00 End Status At Yield At Yield -...
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