ANSYS varification manual 9

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Unformatted text preview: lt/ft. The resistivity ρ is calculated as ρ = RA/L = (0.0001)(π)(0.03125)2/(1) = 3.06796 x 10-7 Ω-ft. A conversion factor 3.415 (Btu/hr)/W must be included in the resistivity ρ so that the Joule heat units match the thermal units ρ/3.415 = 8.983782 x 10-8. Current printout is divided by 3.415 to get electrical (amp) units. The steady-state convergence procedures are used. For the thermal-electric axisymmetric elements (SOLID69), nodes 1 through 16 are assumed to be ground nodes for reference. The solution is based on a unit radian model. Since the problem is axisymmetric, only a one-element sector is needed. A small angle Θ = 10° is used for approximating the circular boundary with a straight-sided element. POST1 is used to extract results from the solution phase. Total heat dissipation is computed parametrically at the outer surface as HRATE using q = h.area.(Ts-Ta). Results Comparison Target[1] Centerline Temperature, °F 419.9 420.0 1.00 417.9 417.8 1.00 q, Btu/hr 341.5 341.5[2] 1.00 Centerline Temperature, °F 419.9 418.6 0.997...
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