1 structural solid elements test case no 2 c1 c2 c5

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Unformatted text preview: The results presented here for some test cases may appear in error, but are in fact the "expected" solutions for the chosen element, discretization, and loading condition. By providing the results for such test cases, we hope to provide guidance in the selection of appropriate analysis options. While ANSYS cannot provide an exhaustive set of benchmark studies, we have included the most commonlyused elements and analysis types. Using these benchmark studies as a guideline, you can extend the applicability to other element types or solution methods. In many instances, existing benchmark standards were used as the basis of the test case construction. 2.1. Description of the Benchmark Studies The benchmark test cases are designed to test element performance, meshing algorithm's effect on solution performance, alternative solution algorithms (for modal analysis), and element energy error norm performance. Element performance (accuracy) is checked for a subset of some of the more frequently used ANSYS solid and shell elements including PLANE2, PLANE35, PLANE42, SHELL43, SOLID45, PLANE55, SHELL63, SOLID70, PLANE77, PLANE82, SOLID92, SHELL93, SOLID95, VISCO106, and VISCO107. The tests...
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