112 test case format test cases use the following

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Unformatted text preview: t as 0.012335271. It should be noted that only those items corresponding to the given theoretical solution values are reported for each problem. In most cases the same finite element solution also contains a considerable amount of other useful numerical solution data. 1.11. References The textbooks and references used for the verification tests were chosen for several reasons. Well known and recognized textbooks were used whenever possible; other texts were used if they were readily available to the author. Periodical or technical journal references were used in instances where no textbook solutions could be found for an application of interest. The books should be available for purchase or through most engineering libraries. Periodicals are of the type normally available in university libraries. In most cases the reference listed is not the only source of the theory or of a similar sample problem. 1.12. Test Case Format Test cases use the following format: • A description of the test case, including the dimen...
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