ANSYS varification manual 9

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Unformatted text preview: 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–370 VM167 Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes A 0.4m2 area is arbitrarily selected for the elements. The model length (20 m) is arbitrarily selected such that no significant potential change occurs at the end points (nodes 41, 91) for the time period of interest. The node locations are defined with a higher density near the surface to accurately model the transient behavior. The transient analysis makes use of automatic time step optimization over a time period of 0.24 sec. A maximum time step size ((.24/48) = .005 sec.) is based on ≈ δ2/4 α, where δ is the conduction length within the first element (δ = .0775m) and α is the magnetic diffusivity (α = ρ / µ = .31822 m2/sec.). The minimum time step (.0002 sec) is selected as 1/25 of the maximum time step. The starting time step of 0.0002 sec. is arbitrarily selected. The problem is solved with two load steps to provide solution output at the desired time points. In the first load step, the step p...
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