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Unformatted text preview: fixed temperatures Material Properties E = 30e6 Kxx = 1 ρ = 0.21 αx = .21 νxy = .27 Geometric Properties r1 = 1 r2 = 4 σ = 1.19e-11 Loading Interior of exterior cylinder ε = 1 Exterior of interior cylinder ε =1 All other surfaces ε = 0 Exterior of Exterior cylinder T = 1000 Interior of Interior cylinder T = 100 Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The cylinders are assumed to be infinite length, with no end effects, and with uniform surface characteristics. As such, any point on one surface should have the same view factor and characteristics as any other point on the same surface. F(11) = 0 As a circle, it cannot see itself from any part of its surface. F(12) = 1 Consequence of no radiation to space F(21) = (A1/A2)F(12) Basic rule of view factors F(21) = (r1/r2)F(12) F(21) = r1/r2 F(22) = 1 - (r1/r2) Consequence of no radiation to space As a check on the system, the heat flux at two points are compared to that expected by σ(T14 - T24) Results Comparison Target ANSYS Ratio F(...
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