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Unformatted text preview: put Listing: vm26.dat Test Case A cantilevered plate of length , width b, and thickness t is fixed at one end and subjected to a pure bending moment M at the free end. Determine the true (large deflection) free-end displacements and rotation, and the top surface stress at the fixed end, using shell elements. Figure 26.1 Cantilever Problem Sketch Material Properties E = 1800 N/mm2 υ = 0.0 Geometric Properties = 12 mm b = 1 mm t = 1 mm Loading M = 15.708 N-mm Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The large deflection option is chosen (NLGEOM,ON) and shell elements are used to match the reference's assumptions and test case definition. Since the geometry is closer to that of a beam, a shell element is not the usual element type to solve problems of this geometry. The free-end nodes are coupled in y-rotations so that the bending moment M can be applied to only one end node. The load is applied in two equal increments, using the analysis restart option (solely for validation and demonstration of ANTYPE,,REST)...
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