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Unformatted text preview: D shells and nonlinear problems including contact (interfaces) and cables. The input data for an ANSYS analysis are prepared using a preprocessor. The general preprocessor (PREP7) contains powerful solid modeling and mesh generation capabilities, and is also used to define all other analysis data (geometric properties (real constants), material properties, constraints, loads, etc.), with the benefit of database definition and manipulation of analysis data. Parametric input, user files, macros and extensive online documentation are also available, providing more tools and flexibility for the analyst to define the problem. Extensive graphics capability is available throughout the ANSYS program, including isometric, perspective, section, edge, and hidden-line displays of 3-D structures, x-y graphs of input quantities and results, and contour displays of solution results. A graphical user interface is available throughout the program, to guide new users through the learning process and provide more ex...
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