A second analysis is also performed using beam189

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Unformatted text preview: d Elements (HF120) Input Listing: vm213.dat Test Case A coaxial cable with an inner radius of 2.5 cm, an outer radius of 7.5 cm, and a length of 37.5 cm is excited by a 1 Volt excitation at one end of the cable. Calculate the S-parameters, impedance, power, and the electric and magnetic field at the other end of the cable. Figure 213.1 Coaxial Cable Material Properties µ = µ0 ε = ε0 Geometric Properties ca = 2.5 cm cw = 7.5 cm cl = 37.5 cm Loading V = 1.0 at input port f = 0.8 GHz Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The excitation is applied with a port load at one end of the coax (Port 1). The other end of the coax cable is terminated as a matched impedance (Port 2). The coaxial cable is modeled with the 2nd order Key Option in the HF120 element to accurately resolve the field calculation at the output port. Since the coax cable is symmetric about it's axis, only a circumferential slice of any arbitrary angle is required. A slice of 5 degrees is selected. The cable length is 1 wavelength and 15 elements are used along the cab...
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