A small angle 10 is used for approximating the

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Unformatted text preview: der to ensure constant axial strain (implied by the "long" cylinder definition), nodal coupling is used with PLANE42 and SOLID45. Extra shapes are suppressed for PLANE42 and SOLID45. To illustrate the use of surface effect elements, the internal pressure P is applied using 2-D structural surface effect elements (SURF153) in the first analysis, whereas 3-D structural surface effect elements (SURF154) are used in the second analysis. Results are obtained from the solution phase and from the element centroid data. Results Comparison Target 18,645. 18,820. 1.009 -468. -458. 0.978 9,128. 9,116. 0.999 Stresseff, psi (X=4.4 in) 30,000. 29,991.[1] 1.000 30,000. 30,000.[1] 1.000 Stressr, psi (X=4.4 in) -9,984. -9,891. 0.991 18,645. 18,811. 1.009 Stressr, psi (X=7.6 in) -468. -455. 0.971 Stresst, psi (X=7.6 in) 9,128. 9,113. 0.998 Stresseff, psi (X=4.4 in) 30,000. 29,991.[1] 0.999 Stresseff, psi (X=7.6 in) 1–94 0.992 Stresst, psi (X=4.4 in) 1. -9,900. Stresseff, psi (X=7.6 in) SOLID45: Fully Plastic -9,984. Stre...
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