Ansys release 90 002114 sas ip inc 1323 vm146 material

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Unformatted text preview: btain the nodal stresses and displacements. The first model uses four SHELL99 elements (each with 2 layers). The second model is a variation of the first model to verify the node offset option for SHELL99 elements. In this model, two sets of four overlapping elements (a total of eight SHELL99 elements) are used. Each set represents a single layer. The set of four elements representing the lower layer has its nodal plane located on the "top" face whereas the set of elements corresponding to the top layer has its nodal plane located on the "bottom" face. The combination of overlapping elements thus defines a two-layered beam with its nodal plane at the interface between the layers (offset from the middle plane). The third model uses eight SOLID46 elements (each with 2 layers), similar to the first SHELL99 model. Results Comparison Target 0.832 0.832[1] 1.000 2258. 2258. 1.000 1731. 1731. 1.000 Displacement, in 0.832 0.832[1] 1.000 StressxTOP , psi 2258. 2258.[2] 1.000 StressxBOT , psi 1731. 1731.[2] 1.000 Displacement, in 0...
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