Ansys release 90 002114 sas ip inc material properties

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Unformatted text preview: si F = 7,539.82 lb Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The stiffness matrix formed in the first load step is automatically reused in the second load step. A new stiffness matrix is automatically formed in the third load step because of changed boundary constraints. The mesh density is biased near the centerline and outer edge to recover stress values near those points. ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–45 VM15 Results Comparison Target Deflection, in -0.08736 -0.08737 1.000 7200. 7040. 0.978 Deflection, in -0.08736 -0.08735 1.000 3600. 3568. 0.991 Deflection, in -0.08904 -0.08903 1.000 Stressmax , psi Case 2 Ratio Stressmax , psi Case 1 ANSYS[1] 2970. 2968. 0.999 Stressmax , psi[2] Case 3 1. Theoretical σmax occurs at a node location; ANSYS results, taken from element solution printout, are at the centroid of the nearest element. 2. This result is at the edge of the plate since point loading causes (theoretically) infinite stresses at the point of load application. Figure 15.2 Displa...
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