Ansys release 90 002114 sas ip inc section 115

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Unformatted text preview: ctural VM211 CONTA174 - 3-D 8-Node Surface-to-Surface Contact Static Structural VM211 CONTA175 - 2-D/3-D Node-to-Surface Contact Static Structural, Transient Dynamic VM191, VM201, VM65, VM23, VM64 CONTA178 - 3-D Node-to-Node Contact Static Structural VM63 FLUID29 - 2-D Acoustic Fluid Coupled Field, Modal Analysis Structure at Interface Acoustics, Modal Analysis No Structure at Interface VM177 VM177 FLUID30 - 3-D Acoustic Fluid Coupled Field, Harmonic Structure at Interface Response VM177 Acoustics, Harmonic Re- No Structure at Interface sponse VM177 FLUID38 - Dynamic Fluid Coupling Modal VM154 FLUID79 - 2-D Contained Fluid Fluid Flow VM149 FLUID80 - 3-D Contained Fluid Fluid Flow VM150 FLUID81 - Axisymmetric-Harmonic Contained Fluid Modal Mode 1 VM154 FLUID116 - Thermal Fluid Pipe Fluid Flow VM122 Steady-State Thermal VM126 Fluid Flow Flow Losses (Additional Length) VM123 Fluid Flow Flow Losses (Loss Coefficient) Pump Head VM124 FLUID136 - 3-D Squeeze Film Fluid Element 1–10 ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. Section 1.15: Abbreviation, Element, and Product Lists ANSYS Element and Keywords Element Options Harmonic Test Cases VM245 FLUID141 - 2-D Fluid-Thermal CFD Thermal Axisymmetric VM121 CFD Multispecies Axisymmetric VM209 CFD Non Newtonian Axisymmetric VM219 FLUID142 - 3-D Fluid-Thermal CFD, Ther...
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