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Ansys release 90 002114 sas ip inc vm168 magnetic

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Unformatted text preview: YS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. VM165 Figure 165.3 NU-B2 Curve ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–367 VM166: Long Cylinder in a Sinusoidal Magnetic Field Overview Reference: C. R. I. Emson, “Electromagnetic Workshop”, Report No. RAL-86-049, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chitton, Didcot, Oxon, U.K., 1986, pg. 39. Analysis Type(s): Full Harmonic Analysis (ANTYPE = 3) Element Type(s): 2-D Coupled-Field Solid Elements (PLANE13) Input Listing: vm166.dat Test Case A long hollow aluminum cylinder is placed in a uniform magnetic field. The magnetic field is perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder and varies sinusoidally with time. Determine the magnetic flux density at the center of the cylinder and the average power loss in the cylinder. Figure 166.1 Long Cylinder Problem Sketch Material Properties σ = 2.5380711 x 107 S/m Geometric Properties ri = .05715 m ro = .06985 m r∞ = 0.84 m Loading B = B(y) = B cos ωt, where Bo = 0.1T, ω = 60 Hz Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The external radial boundary is set at r∞ = 0.84 m. T...
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