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Unformatted text preview: units of radians per second. Results Comparison Target Peak Ux of Mass ANSYS Ratio 3.575E-2 3.575E-2 1.000 ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 3–3 VME2: Drop Analysis of a Block Onto a Spring Scale Overview Reference: F. P. Beer, E. R. Johnston, Jr., Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Statics and Dynamics, 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New York, NY, 1962, pg. 635. Analysis Type(s): Explicit Dynamics with ANSYS LS-DYNA Element Type(s): Explicit 3-D Structural Solid Elements (SOLID164) Explicit Spring-Damper Elements (COMBI165) Input Listing: vme2.dat Test Case A 30 kg block is dropped from a height of 2 m onto a 10 kg pan of a spring scale. The maximum deflection of the pan will be determined for a spring with a stiffness of 20 kN/m. Figure E2.1 Drop Analysis Of A Block Onto A Spring Scale Problem Sketch and Finite Element Model ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 3–4 VME2 Material Properties Block E = 207 GPa ρ = 60 kg/m3 υ = .29 Pan E = 207 GPa ρ = 10 kg/m3 υ = .29 Spring k = 2...
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