Figure 2372 finite element model of a transducer y t

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Unformatted text preview: removed and the residual stresses are permitted to relax. Figure 234.1 Rubber Block Model Material Properties τ1 = 0.40 sec τ2 = 0.40 sec β 1 = β2 = 1 Geometric Properties L = 0.1 m Loading A = 0.01 Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The analysis was performed using a single SOLID185 element. The rubber was simulated with an Ogden material model. The load was applied using a looping application of the displacement boundary condition. The plot displays the Cauchy stress evolution over the specified time periods. The accumulated stress relaxes after the load is removed at t = 16 seconds. The accumulated stress at t = 16 seconds and the relaxed stress state at t = 20 seconds are the verified results for this test. ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–548 VM234 Figure 234.2 Stress Evolution Over Time Results Comparison Target ANSYS Ratio Cauchy Stress (N/m ) t = 16 sec 6.013E5 5.993889E5 0.997 Cauchy Stress (N/m2) t = 20 sec 0.0 17.7 0.000 2 ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . ...
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