Figure 341 beam problem sketch ansys verification

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Unformatted text preview: = 0.284 lb/in3 c = .10 BTU/lb-°F Geometric Properties a = 1.0 in b = 3.0 in h = .20 in Loading Tb = 500°F To = 70°F Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes Due to symmetry, only a wedge of arbitrary height is required for modeling. A 5° wedge is selected to minimize curved geometry effects when using a lower order element. The thermal steady state condition is satisfied when the inner and outer wall temperature difference is constant. A transient thermal-stress analysis is required with a sufficient time period to allow the steady-state condition to be obtained. A time period of t = 430 sec is selected. The temperature Tf is assigned a value of T = 500°F such that, for a ramped load condition, the constant temperature rise of: Tf-To/∆t = 500-70/430 = 1°F/sec is obtained. Since the structural dynamic effects are not of concern, inertial and damping structural effects can be ignored, by specifying time integration for the temperature degree of freedom only. A sufficient number...
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