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Flux lines are displayed via the macro plf2 d the

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Unformatted text preview: is made that the steel containing the slot is infinitely permeable and so is replaced with a flux-normal boundary condition. It is also assumed that the flux is contained within the slot, so a flux-parallel boundary condition is placed along the top of the slot. The problem is stated in non-dimensional terms with properties given as unit values to match the reference. The problem requires a coupled electromagnetic field analysis using the VOLT and AZ degrees of freedom. All VOLT DOF's within the conductor are coupled together to enforce the correct solution of the source current density component of the total current density. The eddy current component of the total current density is determined from the AZ DOF solution. The current is applied to a single arbitrary node in the conductor, since they are all coupled together in VOLT. An initial solution is performed at a very small time step of 1 x 10-8 sec to establish a null field solution. Since no nonlinear properties are present, the NEQIT command is set to 1.0, suppressing equilibrium iterations at each time point...
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