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If you run these test cases on your own computer

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Unformatted text preview: YS results are given. In cases where only the results but not the input data are given in the theoretical reference (for example, where only tabular or graphical results are presented), the input data are back-calculated from a convenient solution point. Graphical solution results are reported to an appropriate accuracy. Different computers and different operating systems may yield slightly different results for some of the test cases in this manual, since numerical precision varies from machine to machine. Solutions which are nonlinear, iterative, have equally-valid alternatives for master degree of freedom selection (TOTAL command), or have convergence options activated, are among the most likely to exhibit machine-dependent numerical differences. Because of this, an effort has been made to report an appropriate and consistent number of significant digits in both the target and the ANSYS solution. If you run these test cases on your own computer hardware, be advised that an ANSYS result reported in this manual as 0.01234 may very well show up in your printou...
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