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Properties coupled field harmonic multi field

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Unformatted text preview: ubstructure VM141 Modal, Spectrum Integration Points Printout VM203 SHELL99 - 100-Layer Structural Shell ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–15 Chapter 1: Introduction ANSYS Element and Keywords Element Options Test Cases Static Structural Multi-layer, Interlaminar Stresses, Fail- VM78 ure Criterion Static Structural Multi-layer, Orthotropic Properties Static Structural Nodal Stress and Strain Printout, Multi- VM144 layer, Node Offset Modal Multi-layer VM82 VM60 SHELL150 - 8-Node Structural Shell p-Element Static Structural VM6 SHELL157 - Coupled Thermal-Electric Shell Coupled-Field VM215 SHELL181 - Finite Strain Shell Static Structural VM242, VM244 Static, Large Deflection VM26, VM218 SHELL208 - 2-Node Finite Strain Axisymmetric Shell Static, Large Deflection VM218 SOLID5 - 3-D Coupled-Field Solid Coupled Field Multi-field Coupling VM173 Static Structural Displacement Field VM184, VM187 Coupled Field, Modal Multi-field Coupling, Anisotropic Mater- VM175 ial Properties Coupled Field, Harmonic Multi-field Coupling, Anisotropic Mater- VM176 Response ial Properties Coupled Field, Modal Multi-field Coupling VM33, VM170 Coupled Field MAG Degree of Freedom VM168 Static Structural Multi-field Coupling VM173 SOLID45 - 3-D Structural Solid Static Structural Static Structural VM7, VM37, VM143, VM191, VM196 Generalized Plane Strain VM38 SOLID46 - 3-D Layered Structural Solid Static Structural Multi-layer, Orthotropic Properties VM82 Static...
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