Sas ip inc vm118 centerline temperature of a heat

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Unformatted text preview: plate of thickness initially has its left surface at temperature T1 and the other surface at temperature T2. The left surface is suddenly subjected to an environment temperature of T ∞ = T2. The convection coefficient on this side is given by h = 2.0 + 0.02 (T - T ∞ ) where T is the surface temperature (function of time). Determine T after 7 hours. Graphically display the variation of T with time and the temperature distribution across the plate at 7 hours. Figure 116.1 Heat Conducting Plate Problem Sketch Material Properties k = 2 Btu/hr-ft-°F γ = 800 lb/ft3 c = 0.833 Btu/lb-°F Geometric Properties = 8 in = (8/12) ft Loading T1 = 500°F T2 = 100°F Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes A 1 ft2 area is assumed for the conduction elements. The length of the convection element is taken as zero (arbitrarily selected). The finite element model is made the same as the theoretical model for a direct comparison. A steady-state solution is done in the first load step. Automatic time stepping is used. The initial integration time step (7/20 = 0.35 hr) is based on ≈ δ2/4α, where δ is the nodal distanc...
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