Seminar notes on several broad topics are also

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Unformatted text preview: thod of Solution valuable as demonstration problems, the test cases are not presented as step-by-step examples with lengthy data input instructions and printouts. Most users with limited finite element experience should be able to fill in the missing details by reviewing the finite element model and the input data listing with its accompanying comments. Problem sketches and modeling notes are included. The reader should refer to the online help and to this manual for complete input data instructions. Users desiring more detailed instructions for solving problems or in-depth treatment of specific topics should refer to other ANSYS documentation as described in Guide to the ANSYS Documentation in the ANSYS Commands Reference. Introductory documentation such as the ANSYS Tutorials should be the first stop for new and existing users needing basic information on using the ANSYS program. Seminar notes on several broad topics are also available. These notes are written in a form designed for classroom instruction, and include theory, ANSYS implementation, exerc...
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