Substruc steady state thermal substructural tion

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Unformatted text preview: Stiffening, Initial Strain VM53 LINK11 - Linear Actuator Static Structural VM195 LINK31 - Radiation Link Steady-State Thermal VM106, VM107 LINK32 - 2-D Conduction Bar Steady-State Thermal Static Magnetic VM92, VM93, VM94,VM110, VM115, VM116, VM125, VM164 AUX12 VM147 LINK33 - 3-D Conduction Bar Steady-State Thermal VM95, VM114 LINK34 - Convection Link Steady-State Thermal Steady-State Thermal VM92, VM94, VM95,VM97, VM107, VM109, VM110, VM159 Temperature-Dependent Film Coeffi- VM116 cient LINK68 -Thermal-Electric Line Current Conduction Coupled Field VM117 Multi-field Coupling VM170 MASS21 - Structural Mass Static Structural VM131 Modal VM45, VM57, VM89 Modal Rotary Inertia VM47, VM48, VM52,VM57 Transient Dynamic VM65, VM77, VM80,VM81, VM91, VM156 Harmonic Response VM90 MASS71 - Thermal Mass Transient Thermal VM109, VM159 MATRIX27 - Stiffness, Damping, or Mass Matrix Static Structural VM41 MATRIX50 - Superelement (or Substructure) Static Structural, Substructure VM141 Static Structural, Modal VM153 Radiation Matrix Substruc- Steady-State Thermal, Substructural tion VM125 Steady-State Thermal VM147 AUX12 MPC184 - Multipoint Constraint Elements 1–12 ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. Section 1.15: Abbreviation, Element, and Product Lists ANSYS Element and Keywords Element Options Static Structural Test Cases VM239, VM240 PIPE16 - Elastic Straight Pipe Structural VM12, VM146 Modal VM48, VM57 PIPE18 - Elastic Curved Pipe (Elbow) Static Struc...
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