The shell93 element takes into account shear

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Unformatted text preview: e used to specify the finite element mesh patterns shown. • Target Solution--solution used for comparison purposes. The target solution is obtained from the problem reference unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the Assumptions, Modeling Notes, and Solution Comments section. • Results Comparison--results from the ANSYS solution compared with the target solution. Where applicable, the ANSYS results are normalized with respect to the target solution and presented as the ratio of the ANSYS results divided by the target results. • Graphical Results (optional)--results displayed in graphical form. • Assumptions, Modeling Notes, and Solution Comments--general comments on the test case modeling, assumptions, and results interpretation. In addition to the abbreviations, symbols, and units defined in Section 1.15: Abbreviation, Element, and Product Lists, one additional symbol is used throughout the benchmark studies to identify the location of a target point where a solution comparison is made. The target point symbol is a bull's-eye:...
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