The beam is expected to undergo a large lateral

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Unformatted text preview: D97 elements. The length of the solenoid is assumed infinite (L = ∞ ), so only a section of the axisymmetric solenoid (t = .002 m, arbitrary) is required for modeling. It is assumed that the magnetic field external to the solenoid is zero, so the nodes at x = b are coupled (AZ = constant (2-D), AY = constant (3-D)) such that the proper flux-parallel boundary condition is imposed. The flux-parallel condition at x = 0 is imposed by setting A = 0. Flux-normal boundary conditions are imposed naturally (no ANSYS input necessary) at y = 0 and y = t for the 2-D analysis, while in 3-D, the normal component (AZ) is set to zero. In 3-D, the nodes are rotated into cylindrical coordinates so that all in-plane vector potentials (AX and AZ) can be set to zero since only AY is required for a true axisymmetric field solution. Symmetric structural boundary conditions are applied to the solenoid elements at y = 0. The nodes at y = t on the solenoid are coupled in UY to ensure symmetry. The air is modele...
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