The open boundary is modeled with infinite elements

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Unformatted text preview: acement at undamped natural frequency. Figure 203.1 Thick Square Plate Problem Sketch Material Properties E = 200 x 109 N/m2 µ = 0.3 m = 8000 kg/m3 Geometric Properties = 10 m t = 1.0 m Loading PSD = (106 N/m2)2 /Hz Damping δ = 2% Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes All degrees of freedom in the z direction are selected as master degrees of freedom (MDOF). Equivalent nodal forces are obtained from a uniform pressure load by a static run with all UZ degrees of freedom constrained. Frequency range of 1.0 Hz to 80 Hz was used as an approximation of the white noise PSD forcing function frequency. Equivalent analyses are done with Spectrum and Harmonic (with the ANSYS POST26 random vibration calculation capabilities which used the results of a damped harmonic response analysis) analyses, to compare the peak one-sigma standard deviation. Some of the commands in POST26 followed by harmonic analysis have been undocumented since ANSYS Revision 5.0, but they are compatible to all subsequent...
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