The plane strain condition is assumed along the z

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Unformatted text preview: 764 -0.12764 1.000 Rotational accelerationsy (rad/sec2) -0.085092 -0.085092 1.000 Rotational accelerationsz (rad/sec2) -0.23046 -0.23046 1.000 MX (N-m) -909000 -909000 1.000 MY (N-m) -606000 -606000 1.000 -5000 -5000 1.000 Rotational accelerationsx (rad/sec ) -0.12764 -0.12764 1.000 Rotational accelerationsy (rad/sec2) -0.085092 -0.085092 1.000 Rotational accelerationsz (rad/sec2) -0.23046 -0.23046 1.000 SOLID45 MZ (N-m) 2 SOLID185 MZ (N-m) 2 ANSYS Verification Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–445 VM197: IGES Write/Read for Thick-Walled Cylinder Overview Reference: Any basic geometry text Analysis Type(s): Geometric Primitives, IGES Write/Read Element Type(s): None Input Listing: vm197.dat Test Case Create a thick-walled cylinder with spherical end caps using geometric primitives. Write the geometry to an IGES file. Read the geometry back in from the IGES files. Validate the correctness of the geometry by examining its volume. Figure 197.1 Thick-Walled Cylinder Problem Sketch Geometric Properties r = 20 in t = 10 in = 50 in Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes Only one half of the model i...
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