The test cases generally require a very short run

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Unformatted text preview: e many authors vary in their usage of nomenclature/symbols and there is no clear "standard." In the text, vectors are shown by {A} or A , the former being used primarily when symbolizing vector unknowns. Matrices are shown as [K], and |a| is used to denote absolute value. Natural logarithms use "ln" and base 10 logarithms are shown as "log". In the figures, node and keypoint locations are denoted by in the figures. Node numbers are unitalicized (1), keypoint numbers are shown italicized (1) and line numbers are shown italicized with prefix "L" (L2). Element numbers are enclosed with a circle are enclosed with a hexagon , area numbers are enclosed with a box , and volume numbers . 1.14. Memory Requirements and Run Times The ANSYS program is supported on many different computers. Memory size, run time, and cost will vary from computer to computer. The test cases in this manual are small enough to require only a minimum memory size. The test cases generally require a very short run time each, although some are somewhat larger and longer running to allow the inclusion of meaningful tests for some of the more advanced capabilities included in ANSYS. The benchmark test cases in Section 2.1: Description of the Benchmark Studies are small to moderately-sized tests as well, but the run time for these is very dependent on the parameters chosen for the specific test. 1.15. Abbreviation, Element, and Product Lists 1.15.1. Abbreviation and S...
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