The total end strain is obtained y adding the

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Unformatted text preview: adiation Induced Creep Overview Reference: Any basic calculus book Analysis Type(s): Static Analysis (with creep properties) (ANTYPE = 0) Element Type(s): 2-D Plastic Beam Elements (BEAM23) Input Listing: vm133.dat Test Case A rod of length and square cross-sectional area A is held at a constant stress σo at a temperature To. The rod is also subjected to a constant neutron flux Φ. The rod material has an irradiation induced creep strain rate given by the relationship dεcr / dt = k1σΦe - (Φt / k2). Determine the amount of creep strain εcr accumulated up to 5 hours. Figure 133.1 Rod Motion Problem Sketch Material Properties E = 300 psi k1 = 0.5 x 10-12 in4/lb neutron k2 = 1 x 1010 neutron/in2 Geometric Properties = 1 in A = 0.25 in2 h = 0.5 in Loading σo = 1 psi To = 1000°F Φ = 1 x 1010 neutron/in2-hr Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes A ramp fluence is required to be input for a constant flux (since time increases linearly). Two load steps are used so that the fluence can be ramped while the temperature is held constant. An integration time step of 0.1 hr is assumed over the 5 hour time range (50 substeps). The irradiation induced creep equation is accessed using C66 = 5 in the nonlinear material table. POST26 is used to obtain the v...
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