Theoretical derivations not having a specific

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Unformatted text preview: ed below, the target (theoretical) answers reported in this manual may differ from those shown in the reference. Any problems having significantly different recalculated values are noted as such. Differences between ANSYS results and target values are reported as ratios (ANSYS:Target) except in cases where the target solution is zero or non-numerical in nature. Some textbook solutions are based on slide rule accuracy. For example, the reference for problem number 3 reports the stress to be 10,200 psi. Using a hand calculator to recalculate the results shows the result to be 10,152.258 psi. The ANSYS calculation yields 10,152 psi. In problems like this, an appropriate number of significant digits are used in comparing solutions. Some references have incorrect answers printed and some have incorrect equations. Reference's answers presented without regard to sign are reported with the appropriate sign. Theoretical derivations not having a specific numerical example in the text are solved for a representative numerical example and both the theoretical and ANS...
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