This variety of elements allows the ansys program to

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Unformatted text preview: imary purpose of this manual is to demonstrate a wide range of ANSYS elements and capabilities in straightforward problems which have "classical" or readily-obtainable theoretical solutions. Furthermore, the close agreement of the ANSYS solutions to the theoretical results in this manual is intended to provide user confidence in the ANSYS solutions. An attempt has been made to include most element types and major solution capabilities of ANSYS in this set of test cases. These problems may then serve as the basis for additional validation and qualification of ANSYS capabilities by the user for specific applications that may be of interest. 1.2. Program Overview The ANSYS element library contains more than sixty elements for static and dynamic analyses, over twenty for heat transfer analyses, and includes numerous magnetic, field, and special purpose elements. This variety of elements allows the ANSYS program to analyze 2-D and 3-D frame structures, piping systems, 2-D plane and axisymmetric solids, 3-D solids, flat plates, axisymmetric and 3-...
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