Transient magnetic field analysis antype 4 2 d

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Unformatted text preview: als Text Analysis Type(s): Static Analysis (ANTYPE = 0) Element Type(s): 3-D Coupled-Field Solid Elements (SOLID5) 3-D 10-Node Tetrahedral Structural Solid Elements (SOLID92) Tetrahedral Coupled-Field Solid Elements (SOLID98) 3-D Brick Structural Solid p-Elements (SOLID147) 3-D 10-Node Tetrahedral Structural Solid Elements (SOLID187) Input Listing: vm184.dat Test Case A beam of length , height h, and thickness t is built-in at one end and loaded at the free end with an axial force, an in-plane shear force and an out-of-plane shear force, all of magnitude F. Determine the deflections δx, δy, and δz at the free end due to these loads. Figure 184.1 Straight Cantilever Beam Problem Sketch Material Properties E = 10 x 106 psi υ = 0.3 Geometric Properties = 6 in h = 0.2 in t = 0.1 in Loading F = 1 lb Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The problem is solved in five different ways: • using Coupled-Field Solid Elements (SOLID5) • using Tetrahedral Solid Elements (SOLID92) • using Tetrahedral coupled-Field Solid Elements (SOLID98) A...
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