You can always do a text search while using the

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Unformatted text preview: listings are available through a hyperlink in the test description. For ANSYS users who may have further need for formal verification of the program, ANSYS, Inc. has testing services available that allow automated testing of ANSYS on a customer's computer. The user is provided with input data, output data, comparator software, and procedures for automating the testing and reporting process. Readers interested in contracting for such services may contact the ANSYS, Inc. Quality Assurance Group. 1.4. Finding Test Cases of Interest There are several possible methods of locating a test which contains topics of interest to the user. The Index topics display the related verification problem number. If you are using the online documentation, the verification problem numbers in Section 1.15.3: Index by Element Number are hyperlinks to each verification test case description. You can always do a text search while using the online documentation to find specific information. Finally, the code for each VM problem is contained in an appendix at the end of this m...
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