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Unformatted text preview: ication Manual . ANSYS Release 9.0 . 002114 . © SAS IP, Inc. 1–405 VM180: Bending of a Curved Beam Overview Reference: S. Timoshenko, J. N. Goodier, Theory of Elasticity, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill Book Co. Inc., New York, NY, 1970, pg. 73, article 29. Analysis Type(s): Static Analysis (ANTYPE = 0) Element Type(s): 2-D 6-Node Triangular Structural Solid Elements (PLANE2) 2-D Elastic Beam Elements (BEAM3) Input Listing: vm180.dat Test Case A curved beam spans a 90° arc as shown. The bottom end is supported while the top end is free. For a bending moment M applied at the top end, determine the maximum tensile stress σt and the maximum compressive stress σc in the beam. Figure 180.1 Curved Beam Problem Sketch Material Properties E = 30 x 106 psi υ = 0.0 Geometric Properties ri = 3.5 in ro = 4.5 in h = 1.0 in Loading M = 100 in-lb Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes Beam elements with arbitrary properties are included at the free end of the curved beam for uniform transmission of the applied forces. This creates a pure bending situation exce...
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