Dat input listing test case a rectangular plate with

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Unformatted text preview: are designed to check the element performance under various load conditions and element shapes. Solution accuracy and convergence rates are also presented for the elements. The effect of alternative meshing schemes on solution accuracy is studied for several test cases. The meshing schemes include quadrilateral and triangle meshing for areas, and brick and tetrahedral meshing for volumes. Solution accuracy is based on the energy error norm and/or localized stress and displacement evaluation. For mode-frequency analysis, comparison is made between solutions using alternative eigenvalue extraction techniques (subspace and Householder). Also tested is the influence and accuracy of automatic master degree of freedom selection in Householder analyses. For benchmark test cases using 2-D and 3-D solid elements in a static analysis, results are in part expressed in terms of an energy error norm. Energy error norms can be used as a guide in evaluating the mesh discretization used in a finite element analysis. See...
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