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Educational Technology [ Diffusion and Integration of Technology in Education ] Multimedia Presentation to Board of Directors Due Day 7 of Week 11 The Board of Directors of your organization has identified you as a change agent who can help move your industry into the next phase of technological innovation. They have asked you to identify the best technological innovation available that could improve the way people work or learn in your business. The goal of your presentation is to get the Board to adopt the innovation you propose. If the Board accepts your suggestion, they will implement the technological innovation throughout your industry. You must convince them that this innovation has been diffused widely enough to make a difference in other organizations. The Board wants to know the best way to approach the members of your organization to facilitate adoption. You will create a multimedia presentation to present to the Board of Directions to demonstrate the diffusion and adoption process for one innovation introduced in your industry. You may choose to either create a video, a PowerPoint®, or a PowerPoint® converted to a video. In order to be ADA compliant, you must also include a transcript of your narration. PowerPoint®: You will narrate each slide and place a transcript of your narration in the “notes” section of your presentation. Your slides should show graphic portrayals of the research and information you have gathered, using keywords judiciously. You might consider using software to transfer your presentation into a video format, using. Web2.0 visual design elements. Video: You will narrate your presentation and include a transcript of your voice threads as a separate document. Please use Web2.0 visual design elements in developing your video. You will add to your presentation weekly based on the content of the course discussions and readings. Initially, you will create a storyboard for your presentation to share with your learning community in order to receive constructive feedback and commentary. You will then transform your storyboard into a multimedia presentation. You will work in a learning community of three to four classmates, who will critique and help build stronger presentations using a group Wiki. Each member will have a separate page in the Wiki. Be sure to subscribe to an RSS feed for each page in your Wiki so you receive an email notice any time your Wiki has been modified. Remember to invite your instructor to join your Wiki as well. Develop your multimedia presentation based on Web2.0 visual design principles. There are many Web
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8841_7101_Rubric_Multimedia_Presentation - E ducational...

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