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Unformatted text preview: EE110: HOMEWORK 4 Practice Problem 1 Practice Problem 2 Practice Problem 3: Practice Problem 4: Practice Problem 5: Graded Problems: Problem 1: Problem 2: Also, plot the power dissipated by RL by varying RL using PSPICE. Verify that the power reaches its peak at the value found by you in the previous part. Also, indicate the value of the maximum power on the plot. Attach the plot to your solution. Problem 3: The network shown in the figure below has the following property: VO(t) = v(t) if v(t) > 0 VO(t) = 0 if v(t) <= 0 i.e. VO(t) is a clipped sinusoid. a) If an output voltage VO(t) is required that is a clipped sinusoid having a peak voltage of 5V, design an appropriate circuit using a 115V RMS supply and the given network. b) Sketch the output of your design. Problem 4: ...
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